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Adams Views Imaging Blog - My occasional ramblings

G+ - Love Google Plus!

Flickr! - A photographer’s dreamland!! AKA ThePres6

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Some Favorite Photographers and Artists

Clyde Butcher - The Master!!! I believe Clyde is and will be recognized as one of the best photographers to walk this wonderful earth

Michael Spicer - An Excellent Environmental Fine Art Photographer with some very beautiful abstract work

Jason Swain - Wonderful work from the Isle of Wight!

Philippe Sainte-Laudy - One of the finest photographer's in France

Joe Farace - An amazing all around photographer and a master of car imaging

Imke Lass - An amazing editorial photographer just up the road in Savannah

David Uhl - Specializes in motorcycle and aviation art a master of the paints

Jack Leigh - The Finest Southern photographer - ever

Tom Zimberoff - Portrait and Chopper maestro

Scott Jacobs - A fantastic painter, artist and a must see!

Neil Podbery - Specializes in Classic Automotive art that is out of this world, fine, so fine Neil!

Favorite Bike Sites 

Thunder Cycle Design

Custom Choppers by Covington's

Cyril Huze Blog

Favorite Car Sites

The Revs Institute

Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival and Concours

Lifelong Friends

Marco Eneidi - The master of the Alto Sax!

Roger Corman - Maestro of the piano and software

James Haygood - One of the finest film editors in the business

Josh Latkin - Master of Pottery

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